Runs And Views

About Runs And Views

A great run, walk or hike just gets better when you appreciate the things around you along the way.

That’s the very simple idea behind Runs And Views, my new travel-and-wellness-focused Instagram feed, and it’s something I try to keep in mind most anytime I run. 

I’m a husband and a dad. I’m a brother and a son. I’m a nationally recognized personal finance expert who has been quoted in or appeared on hundreds of media outlets throughout the nation and even the world. And, like you, I’m a million other things, too.

Running – whether on a rocky trail, a crowded big city street, a suburban middle school track or anywhere else – helps me balance all that. It helps bring a little calm to the frenzied mess that life can sometimes be.

I’m not exactly a hardcore runner, though. When I’m running someplace new or interesting, I’m probably going to stop at least a time or two along my run to take pictures of what’s around me. I’m also liable to reroute myself multiple times if I stumble across something that catches my eye. Most of the time, I’m just in it for the journey.

That’s where Runs And Views comes in. 

It is a collection of pictures I’ve taken in runs I’ve done either in my hometown of Austin, Texas, or in travels around the nation and the world. I’ve been fortunate enough to run in big cities and smaller towns, beaches and deserts, natural beauty and man-made sights, and I’ll be posting pictures I’ve taken in all of those places — as well as pictures of new places where I run.

The main goal of Runs And Views

My hope is to inspire people to not just be active but to be more aware of the amazing things around them while they’re being active. After all, a great run or hike can do wonders for your health, your stress level and your mindset, but so can an amazing view or piece of art. Put it all together and that’s when the magic can happen. 

Runs And Views is all about those moments. I hope you enjoy it.

What I take with me on the trail (AKA My Favorite Things)

When I’m out on a run, here are some of the things that often come along with me.

These are all things that I really use. I’m not being paid to promote them. If someone, someday, eventually does pay me to promote an item, I promise that I will disclose that fact on the site and I will only promote things that I actually like and use.

  • iPhone
  • GoPro8
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Airpods
  • Zones app on my Apple Watch
  • Spotify
  • Instagram

I, however, am not brand loyal when it comes to the clothing I wear on my runs. I tend to buy my running clothes (including shoes)  at Amazon or Academy without paying much attention to the label they bear. 

Share your best views with us

Runs And Views isn’t just about me. It’s about sharing great runs and views from all types of people all over the globe.

If you have a great picture or video to share, please tell me. Tag me on Instagram at @runs.and.views, include the hashtag #runsandviews with your post or just DM me the image. I’d love to post it on the site and share your great work.

Please remember to include a bit of information about yourself, the place in the picture and anything else you want people to know. If it’s worthy, I’ll try and post it.