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I do hundreds of interviews each year, speaking with media outlets throughout the nation — and sometimes the world. I also write regularly at

I’ll update this page regularly to include examples of my work.

The Today Show: “Buy Now, Pay Later” 101

November 2021
Appeared on the Today Show in this story on the basics of “buy now, pay later” loans — the installment loans that have taken retail by storm in the past year.

MarketWatch: Here’s what a personal loan will cost you now, based on your credit score

November 2021
Spoke with MarketWatch for this explainer on personal loans, a popular option for refinancing and consolidating various types of debt.

NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt

August 2021
Always exciting to be on NBC Nightly News. This time, I was talking about the crazy-competitive credit card place and what it all means for consumers.

Consumer Reports: How To Manage Your Credit Cards

August 2021
Spoke with Consumer Reports about managing your credit cards. How many cards is too many? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

Fox Business: 4 in 10 Americans have cried over money during the pandemic

August 2021
Spoke with about a LendingTree survey that found that millions of Americans have shed tears — either happy or sad — over money during the past 18 months.

Yahoo Finance: A third of parents willing to go back into debt over back-to-school shopping

August 2021
Was interviewed live on Yahoo Finance Live about a LendingTree survey that shed some light on the hardships that millions of parents face when preparing for the start of the new school year. Follow these 3 steps to improve your credit score

July 2021
So many people are intimidated by credit, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I spoke with Nic Vega from CNBC Make It about simple steps that people can take to improve their credit.

Bloomberg: Frequent flyers warned about sitting on mountain of unused miles

May 2021
For much of 2020, no one flew anywhere, so people just kept earning and hoarding rewards points and miles that would’ve typically used in a normal year. I spoke with Bloomberg about what consumers should do.

ABC World News Tonight

May 2021
Interviewed for ABC’s evening news about credit card and travel rewards and the importance of using them sooner rather than later.

New York Times: Tips for reducing credit card debt, even if balances are already lower

January 2021
It’s always exciting to be quoted in the New York Times. In this particular case, I spoke with a reporter about the best way to pay down credit card debt.